Graphic Design for Large Format Digital Advertising Screens

Written by York Print Company on 09/03/2017

“I was in gridlock traffic stuck in Newcastle in the pouring rain when I looked up at this massive advertisement screen 4 lanes wide. I saw the name FORREST MEDIA on the side & rang them up. Unbelievably, they put me through to the MD, I emailed him a pdf of my book & hit it off with him straight away.  “Let’s do this. It’s a great idea!” Marc said.

The campaign links in ideas from the book DEAR DEMENTIA: the laughter & the tears & the work in Wellburn Care Homes.

The soundbites on the screens give a different view of those living with dementia.”

Ian Donaghy – author of Dear Dementia

After getting the go-ahead to use the screens for his campaign, we were approached by Ian Donaghy. He was in need of Graphic Design for Large Format Digital Roadside Advertising Screens. They had to be simple, clean and bold so that the key messages came across instantly.

As you can see, they were a great success!